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Presentation Speech

THE PRESENTATION SPEECH The object of this speech is to present someone of relative fame to a particular audience and should model one of the speeches discussed in Chapter 19 (Special-Occasion Speaking) with the EXCEPTION of the eulogy and award acceptance speeches (as they do not fit the format of this speech).  Your person may be alive or dead, real or fictional (please stick to facts about your person, even if they are fictional), locally famous or known more world-wide.  Your information sheet should include  1) who you are (introduce yourself and establish your credibility); 2) what type of audience we are (e.g., people attending the Academy Awards, the American Medical Association, etc.); 3) the occasion (e.g., award presentation, introduction of a new chairperson, funeral, etc.); 4) the type of speech you are giving (from Chapter 19) and finally, 5) the name of the person you are presenting

.  Your introduction should include the information above, EXCEPT THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU ARE PRESENTING.  The body of your speech should contain information about your person beginning with less-commonly-known information about the person and lead to more commonly known facts and figures about the person.  THE INFORMATION IN YOUR SPEECH SHOULD BE RELEVANT TO THE OCCASION YOU PICKED.  Feel free to be creative (yet still formal, remember its your final exam!) in your approach (this does not mean, however, that the speech should lack organization or a professional approach–always remember your audience and your purpose).  Feel free to create a new organization, award, or even your own credibility, but all research/information about your person must be factual and supported by evidence. The speech should be five minutes long and should have a minimum of six cited references within the text of your speech.  Presentation aids are optional.   THIS IS A SCRIPT FOR ME TO READ TO MY VIRTUAL CLASS. SO MAKE THE SPEECH FLOW. RESEARCH PACKET DUE: 2/2 @ 6PM PST AYou will also be responsible for an Information Sheet type-written sheet with the information for the four items listed above (1.  Who you are and what your credibility is; 2.  What type of audience we are; 3.  The occasion; 4.  Which speech from Chapter 19 you are using; 5.  The name of the person you are presenting), and your works cited in the speech (consisting of a minimum of 100 words and in required MLA format). As with the Object Speech and the Policy Speech, also required for this assignment is a Research Packet which will include the Information Sheet, your list of Works Cited, and an annotated copy of each source you use in your speech.  Your Works Cited should follow required MLA format.  Remember, most of you are going to use exclusively research gathered from an online databaseplease make sure you consult your MLA guide to cite it as a work from an online database.  The copies of your research should be a complete copy of the source

.  You may print up to four pages per one sheet of paper (front and back means, eight pages in only one sheet).  Each piece of research should have the publication information included in the copy and be highlighted and notated in the margins. Please make sure that you copy the entire article or chapter including the sources publication page and title page. 

Include copies of all research cited in the Works Cited list along with your written assignment.  Please make sure that you copy the entire article or chapter including the sources publication page and title page.  Information that is used in the speech should be highlighted.  READ WRITE A 5 PARAGRAPH ESSAY IN A SPEECH. Intro consists of Hook, significance statement, and thesis. Significance statement: how important ur statement is, important now or within 5 year Thesis: my topic is going to __ and my three points are _