Create an approximately 10-12 slide PowerPoint presentation with detailed presenter’s notes including citations on slides and in Notes area of the slide. You may also add a recorded voice-over in which you present and interpret data, graphs, descriptive statistics, et cetera. but the voice-over is not required.

Format your presentation as follows:

  • One title slide.
  • Introduction slides explaining the business context.
  • Four graphics slides: One for each of the four charts in your report. Be sure to add moving average to your stock price chart.
  • One slide on descriptive stats.
  • Two or more conclusion slides explaining the application of each graph in the chosen business context.
  • One slide calling for discussion and questions.
  • One slide thanking everyone for their attention.
  • One slide with APA-formatted references.

Additional Requirements

  • Eliminate all bias from your presentation by using supported facts.
  • Use short but complete sentences that are clear, comprehensible, and free of jargon for each bullet point.
  • Include no more than five bullet points per slide if possible.
  • Include APA-formatted in-text citations where appropriate.
  • Ensure your presentation is relevant to and easily understood by everyone in the audience. Remember, you will be speaking to people of all levels in the company.
  • If you include a voice-over in lieu of presenter’s notes, your recording should be no longer than 10 minutes.
  • Your written communication should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Include an APA-formatted references slide at the end of the presentation.