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Principle: Procedural Due Process
Paper details:
Exact wording from IDEA:

Provide 3 Supreme Court cases (discussed in the text) that have shaped our understanding and implementation of this principle. List the case, and provide 1 or 2 sentences about the ruling that applies to the principle.

Application, how do you think this principle is implemented in schools:

Feedback from the professor: Here is your grade on the assignment: Exact wording: 1 of 2 points (partial quote); Paraphrase- Developing (3 points); Case law: Developing (0-1 points);, Explanation (3 Developing); application: Superficial or incomplete (0-1): total score = 8. Per your note, I marked the last section as superficial or incomplete, worth 5 points. For the court cases = you did not cite U.S. Supreme Court cases.