You may print this worksheet out to complete the questions.

What product, service, or point of view is being advertised?

Who is responsible for creating this advertisement? Why are they sending this message?

What is the purpose of this advertisement? (For example, is it intended to educate, entertain, or inform?)

What advertising techniques are used to attract a viewer’s attention and to make the advertisement believable?

Who is the anticipated audience of the advertisement? Who is actually seeing the advertisement?

What does the advertisement say to the viewer? What lifestyles, values, opinions, and points of view are represented?

Who makes money or benefits from the advertisement?

What makes the advertisement biased in some manner? How is this bias demonstrated? What has been included or left out of the advertisement?

Why would the advertisement’s creators or the product makers have the need to be biased in their advertisement?

How might some people understand this advertisement differently from others? Would all viewers agree on what was being advertised and the purpose of the ad?

Would someone be likely to believe this advertisement? Why or why not?

Do you agree with the advertisement? Why or why not?