*Just do last spreadsheet*

Using the data (DO versus time) provided inExcel spreadsheet, calculate kla for oxygen at different agitation rates and atdifferent gas flow rates. Make a plot of kla against agitation rate and anotherplot showing kla against gas flow rate. If you use Rate method in addition tointegral method, you will get extra point.

You need to calculate kla rate for each condition, and then plot two graphs, each with 3 data points. First graph would be kla rate vs RPM, and the second graph would be kla rate vs LPM. Finally, make a linear fit. You can calculate kla using either 1) rate method, or 2) integral method. Both answers should give you the similar value for kla rate.

In order to find kla rate value you need to study Module 8 Lesson 1 in depth. Here’s a hint: don’t forget to convert DO% to CO2 concentration in mM.