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problem with the industrial food system that illustrates this theme as discussed by Pollan?

Description Pollan says that one of his main themes in The Omnivores Dilemma is the tension between the logic of nature and the logic of human industry (9). Pollan shows this theme throughout the “Industrial: Corn” section: What is one specific problem with the industrial food system that illustrates this theme as discussed by Pollan?

You can also use one of the documentaries or shows we have watched if it applies. Make sure to discuss a specific problem shown in OD and possibly one of the documentaries. You must use quotations from OD and  quotations or paraphrases from the documentary if used. Instructions You will need to identify one specific problem with the industrial food system as discussed by Pollan that shows his theme of the logic of nature versus the logic of industry.

Don’t try to take on something too broad, like corn, as you will end up, in a 4-5 page essay, giving a really general overview of something Pollan discusses for over 100 pages. Instead, focus on a more specific topic, like the problem with feeding corn to cattle, or a system that values quantity over quality. Steps to Write the Essay Ideally, you will have annotated well or taken good notes. From those, pick a topic that you are interested in analyzing and discussing. Go back over chapters or subsections of chapters to find information and possible quotations that discuss your topic and support your analysis.

Create an outline of your essay with a thesis statement, topic sentences for each body paragraph (four total), and two supporting quotations for each topic sentence/body paragraph. Star writing your essay, starting with the thesis statement and body paragraphs; don’t worry about your introduction at this point, as you will have a clearer idea of what you need to include in your introduction after composing your body paragraphs. Check to make sure that each body paragraph supports the thesis statement, is focused on one topic, and flows from the previous paragraph to the next. Develop your introduction and conclusion paragraphs.

Your conclusion can remind us what your thesis is, but should also drive your main point home. Use the Introductions and Conclusions page for ideas. Submit your essay and use Turnitin to check for plagiarism; fix if necessary Get three peer reviews. Revise your essay based on feed back from peers, check your essay for plagiarism again on Turnitin, and submit your revised draft to me.

Minimum Requirements MLA Format and citation 4-5 pages, not including Works Cited page Introduction that introduces the book, gives a short summary of the book and your topic as discussed by Pollan, and introduces the topic/s you will discuss thesis statement as the last sentence of introduction topic sentences for each body paragraph at least 4 body paragraphs at least 2 supporting quotations for each paragraph to support your point 8 quotations total: at least 6-7 quotations from OD and 1-2 quotations from an outside source. Make sure at least one body paragraph has a quotation/paraphrase from two sources Works Cited page