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Product Overview – a lot of this will be in comparison to fixed wing aircraft What is a “helicopter” in technical/physics terms

Product Overview – a lot of this will be in comparison to fixed wing aircraft What is a “helicopter” in technical/physics terms (i.e., horizontally spinning rotors provide lift and thrust). Contrast with fixed wing aircraft Explain difference in source/type of engine power: piston vs. turbine Describe how/why/for what reasons helicopters are used versus fixed-wing aircraft, and vice versa. I.e., helicopters have more precise control of their location, but lower range/speed and higher costs for traveling far distances, etc. Supporting statistics on the usage profile of helicopters (see pg 39 of CIM), noting that the data is hard to come by [Brief history of the helicopters and their development. Like fixed wing aircraft, the history and development of military and civil products overlap and cross over a lot] Market and Competitive Overview Sizing of the total helicopter market by volume and sales Show historical cyclicality of the market. Note how the 2000s were very hot for helicopters, vs. the 2010s Describe the range of helicopters available today: R22 at $300k up to [Super Puma at almost $30M] Note how Airbus, Leonardo, Boeing, Sikorsky are major helicopter companies with big “market shares” by sales; but they’re not relevant competitors to Robinson nor the light single-engine niche that it dominates Comparison of helicopter models Describe how Robinson achieved such success at the bottom end of helicopters. Steamrolled the Bell 47, Enstrom, Hughes/Schweizer. Took share from the 206B/Jet Ranger, Airbus H120 Comment on Robinson’s low costs and cost controls.

To add commentary from management on key elements of Robinson and its products that enable them to underprice Bell while still being more profitable Brief overview of helicopter engine OEMs Historical and projected sales/orders/demand analysis TBD with data on POS, orders, backlog (hopefully separate from the next section) Aftermarket demand analysis Dealer / Service Center Network Overview All Robinson helicopters are sold to dealers (not even just through dealers) Explain the # of dealers, dealer strategy, top dealers as a % of sales Note that information sharing between dealers and Robinson varies, thereby limiting Robinson’s visibility to end users and applications; this in turn limits our understanding of the drivers of historical demand and potential future demand Comparison of Robinson’s dealer network and strategy vs. competitors, particularly Bell How does the dealer/service center network help Robinson, and create a barrier to entry