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Part 1

You are writing an email requesting a free booklet that explains how college students can apply for scholarships to study abroad. Address the letter to Nancy Reibold, the executive director of the Global Initiative Center at 1012 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10021. You learned about this booklet when you were surfing the Web and came upon the Global Initiative Center website.

**This email is an inquiry email. 100 words***

Part 2

Assume that you are Nancy Reibold and you received the request for the booklet. You are out of copies at the moment, however, because you have received more requests than anticipated. You expect to receive more copies within two weeks. Write an email response to the inquiry, explaining these circumstances. Tell the reader that you will send the booklet, titled “Study Abroad,” as soon as you can — and offer the alternative of downloading a document that you will make available at your website.

This email is a response to an inquiry/soft refusal. ***100 words***

Part 3

You are Nancy Reibold’s assistant at the Global Initiative Center, and you are both angry. You have just received 10,000 copies of the booklet from the Jones Printing Company, 105 East Summit Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08910. When you opened the carton, you discovered each booklet is missing several pages. This is the second printing mistake made by Jones Printing, and the shipment is late as well, even though Robert Mason, the sales representative, had promised that you would have no problems this time. Nancy Reibold wants to “get this problem corrected immediately.” write complaint letter to Robert Mason for Ms. Reibold to sign.

****100 words****

Part 4

Assume that you are Robert Mason. You have received the complaint letter about the printing mistake. After checking, you discover that the booklets sent to the Global Initiative Center had been subcontracted to another printing firm (ILM Printing Company) because of the backlog at Jones. You know that Jones Printing will not be billed for the booklets if you return them to ILM Printing within five working days. You decide that you must write an adjustment letter to Ms. Reibold quickly, asking her to return the booklets.

 *** 100 words***

Part 5

Assume that you are Robert Mason. Send a convincing, detailed memo to J. R. Jones, your boss and president of Jones Printing, recommending that ILM Printing Company not be used for future subcontracting work.

***70 words ***

You are the membership director of a fitness center that caters to professional women. You decide to bring in additional revenue by offering personal training sessions at $90 per hour and hire three fitness instructors who have been certified as personal trainers by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. Unfortunately, clients have been slow to sign up. Write a sales letter to existing members announcing the program. In addition to convincing your reader’s of the benefits of personal training, the letter should introduce the trainers, describe their backgrounds and interests, and emphasize the extensive training they received in their certification workshops, including: 

  • Anatomy and kinesiology

  • Fitness-assessment testing procedures

  • Weight Management and Nutrition for the average person as well as those with medical needs.

  • Motivation

***130 WORDS***