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project lifescycle

1. As the project management team responsible for the successful implementation of the youth development project in St. Kitts, create five (5) subsidiary project plans to show how your project team will effectively manage the project. Your team’s focus should be on developing the five (5) subsidiary plans below: (b) Project Procurement Management Plan  

  Plan Procurement Management  Answer the section base on the Case study provide .  Give an overview of the Procurement management Plan then after which you plan the Procurement using a statement then elaborate on the statement base on the Case NOTE: This exercise mimics a real-world situation and allows you to develop some useful project plans and documents for the project. The exercise requires the application of project management knowledge. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions but there are poor, good, and excellent answers. 

The best and excellent answers are based on ‘best practices in the field of project management which aligns or integrates with the information provided in the case and project management processes. Good project managers always plan before doing! The effective use of planning

processes and documents helps reduce the occurrences of ‘firefighting’ during project execution and provides a baseline to continuously monitor and control project performance