Read the following paper(essay) attached and answer the questions below

  • Is the paper formatted according to MLA format? Check the first page, header, and works cited page. Don’t assume that you know what MLA formatting looks like (many of you answered “yes” to this question last time, but were completely wrong). Click here for a good guide to follow (courtesy of the Purdue OWL).
  • Does the paper contain sustained engagement with at least one of the two readings for this module, include Paulo Freire? Please describe the writer’s usage of the source in at least two complete sentences.
  • What is the writer’s main point? Please explain in detail (at least one full sentences). 
  • Does the writer use two – three paragraphs per page? Does each paragraph contain a single, focused point?
  • In two – three sentences, summarize your overall impression of the paper. List strengths and weaknesses and any specific suggestions for improvement.