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Proposal- historical argument or thesis
Paper details:
For this course, you are required to write a 2-3 page proposal for your research paper. The proposal is due by the end of week five and the actual paper is due by the end of week seven.
When you choose a topic please refine your specific thesis (historical argument or historical questions) and begin to list your sources: both of these insights will prove extremely valuable as you begin your term paper. If you have any questions or problems please post them in the Discussion Board under the Discussion for Paper information: you should rely on each other, as well as myself, to guide you through potential pitfalls. This is a major portion of your grade and counts for 10% of your overall grade in this course. Do NOT take this lightlyhave a great strategy laid out. Trust me, the more effort you put into this “road map” to your paper, the better your paper will be! (Your research and writing will be much less frustrating.)

Hope this “heads up” pushes you in the right direction.
You should aim to have a rough draft completed by the end of week five or six. NO rough draft is due in this class but this proposal should allow us to catch “major” problems with theory as you continue to edit and work on the mechanics and narrative.