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A. Provide project details for your process improvement project including the following:

project name

project leads name

executive sponsors name

proposal date


B. Define the process problem.

1. Explain the current process.

2. Explain current performance issues.

3. Analyze the cause of the problem by completing a fishbone diagram.

C. Propose a solution to the problem.

1. Explain two benefits of improving the process.

a. Discuss how the solution will affect the people involved.

b. Discuss how the solution will affect the department.

D. Define the process improvement project, including two project goals and two project objectives.

E. Explain how your process improvement project will contribute to the organizations goals.

F. Discuss the scope of the process improvement project by doing the following:

1. List the project deliverables.

2. Explain how long the process improvement project is expected to take.

3. Determine the budget for your process improvement project, based on the information provided in the scenario.

a. Explain the budget allocations.

G. Identify internal stakeholders for your process improvement project.

1. Explain the roles and responsibilities of each of the stakeholders identified.

2 Complete the RACI chart.

H. Identify the resources needed for your process improvement project (e.g., people, tools, equipment, facilities, funding).

I. Describe two project assumptions.

J. Describe two project constraints.

K. Describe two project risks.