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Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner : Telepsychiatry
Paper details:
Read the following scenario. In your initial post, respond to each of the questions below.

You are preparing to initiate a telepsychiatric videoconferencing session with Jarrett, a 16-year-old client who has recently been diagnosed with major depressive disorder, severe without psychotic features (F32.2) following a suicide attempt. After a week of inpatient care, Jarrett returned home. He lives in a 2-bedroom apartment in a subsidized affordable housing development with his mother, stepfather, and two younger brothers. His father is currently not involved in his life. Due to the pandemic, he and his siblings are attending school virtually.

1. Describe the ideal setting for your visit. What is or is not suitable to have in your workspace?
2. How will you guide Jarrett in preparing his space for the session?
3. How will you obtain consent? Who must consent to treatment?
4. What additional requirements apply to adolescent telepsychiatry?
5. How might you assess the impact of the social determinants of health on Jarretts treatment plan?
6. How will you create a safety plan for Jarrett? Who should be involved in the plan?