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  • Do we have free will?

What does the research show?

  • Are we guided by our individual attitudes and predispositions, or are we guided by the behavior of others?
  • What are the strategies that make conformity more or less likely?
  • Conformity is at times bad, at times good, and at times inconsequential. When is compliance bad and disobedience good? And when is the reverse true? Lets consider these questions
  • Should a physician perform a legal abortion if s/he does not approve of the surgery? And likewise, if abortion was illegal, should a physician go against the needs of a patient and follow the law, denying her the surgery?
  • Should a jury scrupulously follow the law to a conviction it feels is unjust, or should the jury ignore the law and deliver an opinion that it believes is just and right?

If your answers are different for the two scenarios, please justify your reasoning, and please draw on empirical evidence from the text whenever possible.