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  • Choose 1 of the films from the following list, and diagnose the disorder that either the main character or one of the primary supporting characters has:
    • Fatal Attraction
    • As Good as it Gets
    • Vertigo
    • One Hour Photo
    • Stand by Me
    • Black Swan
  • Support your diagnosis with evidence from the film, and align the traits with the disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).
  • Discuss if the portrayal of the illness is accurate and fair when comparing it to criteria from the DSM-5.
  • Discuss the film using at least 3 other concepts discussed in Phases 15 of this course, such as group dynamics, obedience, conformity, and human development.In your analysis, please ensure that you address the following:
    • Identify the character in the film by name.
      • Discuss specific traits of the character.
      • Align the traits and characteristics with a diagnosis from the DSM.
    • Assert your opinion on if the portrayal of the disorder is fair or unfair and if the portrayal furthers the stigma of the diagnosis.
      • Discuss if the stigma harms or helps the awareness of the disorder.
    • Discuss at least 3 other concepts that have already been discussed in the course that you can relate to the film. For example, you may discuss Maslows hierarchy of needs.