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psychology Assessment and selection: proposal for a selection system
Paper details:
. You will play the
role of a consultant that a fictitious local hamburger restaurant chain has asked to come up with
solutions for its selection problems. The nature of the case study will require you to apply
knowledge from the course to: (1) determine which attributes are most important to the job of a
server, and (2) design a selection system for assessing those attributes in light of the legal,
practical, and measurement issues associated with the various predictors.
All the sources you need for this assignment are below
The documents named 482Paper2 Assign and 482-FinalPaperPFP are the instructions, rubic, and format request.
The document named 482-Final paper references is the references you should choose three from them as the predictors.
The documents PSYCH 482 paper 1 is the paper I have done before for the previous proposal.
The rest of application assignments 4, 9, and 10 contain the KSAO tables you will need for the proposal and understand what is going on.