2. Development issue: Are video games harmful to children and adolescents?
YES: Prosecutor Steven F. Gruel, in arguing before the Supreme Court, cites what he says in an overwhelming amount of research in support to conclude that viewing violence causes children to act more violently. 
NO: Defense attorney Patricia A. Millet argues before the Supreme Court that psychological research about the effects of media violence is inconclusive, with these researchers making claims about causation that cannot be substantiated.
 Development issue:  Are violent video games harmful to children and adolescents?

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Analysis and Response.  1 – 2  pages

  • Use of specific and convincing examples from the articles studied to support your claims, making insightful and applicable connections between the articles/sides
  • Make connections between the articles and your own life, give examples
  • Response shows depth of thinking—reasons, explanations, details, observations, and/or examples are given to support your ideas, opinions, and thoughts
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