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case study
Paper details:
After thoroughly reviewing the narrative/transcript for your client, please write a 500+ word paper which addresses the following items:
1. Offer a brief introduction to your client (demographic/background information and brief overview of symptoms/why did the client “come through the door”?).
2. Please construct a full DSM 5-axis diagnosis for your client (remember to cover ALL five axes and use appropriate terms (such as “nothing noted”, “deferred”, Major Depressive Disorder (not just “depression”), or Generalized Anxiety Disorder (not just “anxiety”), etc.). (Be sure to review what information goes on which axis, and consider co-morbidity where appropriate).
3. Please construct a full Multi-path Model of Causality for your client. Be sure to include each of the four paths, and use appropriate terms to indicate that each has been considered (i.e. — “nothing noted”). (With the POSSIBLE exception of the Biological path, you’ll be hard pressed to NOT find something to list under each path).
4. Using information from the case study, include a narrative of the signs and symptoms that your client displays that persuaded you to choose the diagnosis (es). Relate these to class learning (from power points and class lectures).
5. Provide a comprehensive plan for your client, using class learning and/or outside resources, that addresses “best practices” for successful treatment of his/her disorder(s). Consider biological, psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, sociocultural, etc. treatment modalities (I do not expect you to be so specific, when treating with psychopharmacology,, that you need to offer names or brands, but do be specific about anti-depressants vs. anti-anxieties, anti-manics, anti-psychotics, etc.).
Be sure to use and cite at least three sources (your text can be one).