After having read Case Study 4 – Massive Outbreak of Antimicrobial-Resistant Salmonellosis Traced to Contaminated Milk, pages 353 – 359 in your textbook, write a paper in APA format that addresses each of the three questions found on pages 358-359: 

  1.  What does this case study tell us about the relationships among local, state, and federal public health agencies for the control of infectious diseases in general an for the prevention and control of foodborne illnesses in particular? are these relationships portrayed similarly in the corresponding article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and in the back story presented in the case study?
  2. Were the proper actions taken at the proper time to maximally protect the public during this outbreak? At which point(s) did public health leadership fail to take appropriate action or succeed in seizing the initiative? Did the professional qualifications of the state health agency leadership matter in this case study? Are these issues apparent anywhere in the JAMA article?
  3. Do you believe that the organizational placement of the infectious disease control and food sanitation units within the state health agency affected decision making in this case study? Why or Why not? At which point(s) were the state health departments’ organizational structures a barrier or a catalyst for effective crisis management?

Your paper should be at least 5 pages double spaced and formatted according to APA guidelines. Your cover sheet and reference page should not be included in the 5-page requirement. Students must cite their sources, using APA style, in the text of their paper. APA style referencing is the type of referencing and writing that is utilized in healthcare. This may seem tedious at first, but it will become a natural part of your professional writing style. You are expected to use a professional writing style, meaning you must acknowledge and cite the experts who have contributed to research, theory, and applications in your field. Wikipedia IS NOT considered a professional reference. Do not PLAGIARIZE