Prevent Cancer Foundation PSA (Public Service Announcement):

Do you know how to reduce your risk for cancer? Nearly half of all cancer cases and deaths are preventable. By learning your family history, living a healthy lifestyle and getting timely screenings, you can help prevent cancer.

Task Instructions

  1. Watch the attached video and answer all of the following questions.
    • What are some key messages in mostPSAs?
    • How is the message communicated in this particular PSA?
    • How effective do you think the campaign was in changing beliefs, attitudes or behaviors? Give specific and detailed examples.
    • What additional public relations strategies can be used to raise public awareness or affect behavior? You may use details in your text. Be specific with your answer.
  2. Post your response to the discussion
  3. Reply to at least two (2) students and give a detailed response to their comments

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BONUS QUESTION – 5 Extra Credit Points 

Directions: Answer the questions below with specific examples and details. Make sure to attribute any resources you’ve utilized. This bonus question, if answered entirely and correctly, is worth 5 extra points.

  • What are two (2) main differences between a televised PSA and televised commercial? Explain and give specific examples.
  • Choose one (1) of these statements and explain why:
    • PSAs are more effective than ads
    • Ads are more effective than PSAs
    • PSAs and ads are equally effective