Purpose: The Purpose of Project 3 is to take pretend responses from the Project 2 survey and apply quality analytical tools we have learned about in Module 4 to help us understand what those survey responses are telling and showing us. We will assume that we had 1000 responses to our surveys. This will be an easy number to work with. We hope to find out if our performance and understanding of our customers is consistent with the things we are doing as we strive to achieve our Vision. After we apply selected quality tools we have learned about in Module 4, we will generate a brief conclusion/recommendation section at the end of this Project 3 where will summarize our general results, along with any changes we feel may be necessary to maintain a proper course towards our Vision.
For this assignment, your Quality Tools Project should include the following:
(All items below are further detailed in the required reading and lecture for Module 4. The reading and lectures should be completed prior to doing Project 3.)
For each individual question from your Project 2 Survey, select a quality tool to graphically show the results for that question e.g. Pareto chart, bar chart, pie chart, etc. The tool you select should be appropriate for the type of question, e.g. are you trying to show different pieces that total 100 percent or are you trying to show how the total for something has changes over time. As discussed in the lecture, you may also develop your own graphic as long as it illustrates the results from the question in a useable manner. Along with the graphic showing the results for each question, include several sentences for the reader describing or interpreting what the graphic shows. ALWAYS include the original question, the graphic illustrating the results, and your description of the results on the same page for correct grouping. Verify printing as well.
Collectively, your questions should include the use of at least two quality tools. This should be easy because the tool you use for one question may not be the correct tool for another. Or, you may want to group some questions afterwards using a different tool which allows you to summarize results.
Summary of Results – After you have applied quality tools to your 5-7 questions, provide a short paragraph describing what the results are telling you about how well you appear to be on course for attaining your Vision. What might you need to change?
How long should my entire Project 3 be? It looks like about 6 or 7 pages.
Cover Sheet- TEAM number, Names, Project number and title
Table of Contents label each of the sections included and use page numbers.
Business Description & Vision Statement – Same page; they are only for reference.
Questions, Quality Tool Graphics, Description
Final summary with any recommendations
Submit your completed Project 3 through the designated area within Module 4.