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Quantitative Research Method Course

 this is for Quantitative Research Method Course – I have the data ready to be analyzed using Parametric analysis in SPSS. i don’t know what type of paper should i choose for it – as there is no options like programming or calculations. I NEED THE PAPER TP BE DELIVERED INTO PARTS TO MAKE SURE IT IS AS THE PROFESSOR WANTS Assignment aim This assignment aims to show your ability/understanding for collecting the relevant data and choosing the relevant statistical models to analyze such data so as to addressing a research question and testing your hypothesis. The assignment looks at your ability to present the output of your results and also giving accurate interpretations.

Assignment task You have been asked to prepare a short report (with a word limit of 4,000 words) addressing specific research questions (from your choice based on one (or more) essential article(s)). This report focuses on three major sections: Section 1: Research method (20%) You are going to explain: a) how you have selected your sample and how you have collected your data; b) how you have measured your variables; and c) what is your empirical model(s) which will be used to analyze your data in order to answer your research question(s). Section 2: Data analysis (50%) You should present your results using any/or all forms of presentations, including graphs, figures, descriptive statistics, correlation analysis/ statistical tests (parametric and/or non- parametric analyses).

Section 3: Discussion (10%) You should give explanations of the meaning of your results and whether or not these results support your research question(s) and hypothesis. The remaining (style and presentation of the report) 10% will be for the theoretical framework for your report (to highlight the research question(s) and hypotheses). Oral Presentation 10% will be for your oral presentation [UPSELL_BEGIN] digital_copies_of_sources_used = 0 plagiarism = 0 pref_writer = 0 urgent_writer_assign = 0 version = 4; Technical line. Don’t touch! [UPSELL_END]