I. Directions: Identify the type of fallacy in each of the following five short arguments (2 pts each).  There are no fallacies of ambiguity in them.

1.  Since nobody has ever disproven the existence of the Abominable Snowmen, with all the stories out there about them, they surely must exist.



2.  Everybody should oppose lowering the drinking age from 21 to 18.  This will only lead to further demands to lower it to 16.  Then they will want to lower it to 14 and before we know it our newborns will be suckled on wine rather than mother’s milk.



3.  Children who watch The Simpsons tend to have higher I.Q.’s than children who watch South Park.  Therefore, it must be true that The Simpsons is more educational than South Park.



4.  Since all the Texans I know own guns, probably everyone who lives in Texas owns a gun.



5.  How could my client have murdered the victim?  I have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was not even in the country at the time of the murder.


II. Directions: Answer the following questions about As I Lay Dying, following the instructions for each question.  Expand the spaces as needed.

1.  Using a quote to support your answer, what does Samson and his friends mistakenly assume about the Bundrens? (3 pts)




2.  Using a quote to support your answer, who is following the Bundrens to help them? (3 pts)




3.  According to Darl, what is Addie’s attitude toward Jewel, and why does he think she feels that way? (3 pts)




4.  Using a quote to support your answer, where did Jewel get his spotted horse, and how did he acquire it? (3 pts)




5.  Using a quote to support your answer, what happens when the Bundrens try to cross the bridge? (3 pts)




Extra Credit: 

6.  Using a quote to support your answer, what kind of person do you think Addie was? ( 3 pts)




7.  Using a quote to support your answer, what is on Whitfield’s mind that he doesn’t tell the Bundrens? (3 pts)




Fallacy Identification:

8.  I was wondering whether or not to vote for Jim Wilson, but when I found out most of my friends were voting for him, I decided to voted for him, too. (2 pts)



9.  I’m not a liar.  You’re a liar (2 pts)