Submit a 1000-word analysis (approx. four double-spaced pages) of a selected primary source.


You will write an extended analysis of a single primary sourcechosen from one of the three primary source collections on oursyllabus: Mills, McKnight, or Jaffary.  The source must be onethat is not already assigned on the syllabus.  You may choose one that you are considering using in your final paper.  Make sure to focus on the primary source itself, not the scholarly introduction to the source, which as we know is considered secondary source material.

You have already completed a shorter version of this assignment“How to Analyze Primary Sources” in the Week 5 folder online.  The present assignment simply requires you to choose another source and extend your analysis in a longer essay.  As in the earlier assignment, you should explore questions from one or more of the primary source analysis guides found in the Week 5 folder.  You may find it difficult to write so much about a single source.  But if you think carefully about the many different aspects of your document, you shouldfind plenty to say.

You may devote an initial paragraph to summarizing the source.  The rest of your essay should be dedicated to analysis.  I recommend that you select appropriate questions from the Week 5 primary source analysis guides and then use these questions to generate topic sentences for subsequent paragraphs.  Develop a series of full paragraphs (6-8 sentences each) discussing these topic sentences, one after another, until you have a full-lengthessay.  The best essays will end with a concluding paragraph that ties the paper together.

Here are examples of questions culled from the primary source analysis guides, which you can use to organize your analysis into paragraphs.  You will find many other possibilities when you review these guides:

• Who wrote or produced the source, and what do we know about them that might help our understanding of it?
• Who is the author’s intended audience and how might this affect the reliability and validity of this source?
• What information gets hidden or obscured by the author’s point of view?
• How does this source reflect the economic (or political or social) circumstances of the author or the world in which he/she/they live?

At the end of your paper include a full, formal citation of the primary source you have selected, using proper Chicago Manual of Style formatting.  Any quotations used in your paper should be followed by its page number in parentheses.

Use the "text submission" option to submit your essay, attaching it as a MS Word document.  You must use MS Word for this assignment.