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Race: Narrative Analysis of White American Privilege in American Media
Paper details:
Research paper on White American Privilege in American Media. 6-7 pages. Total words (approx. 4000 words) which includes a thesis and methodology page (500 words), literature review (2500 words, approx. 250 word annotation per source) and main analysis (1000 words). Paper must analyze White American Privilege in American Media (TV, Film, Advertising, Journalism (tv and print), Social Media, etc.). Research must include a Literature Review that IS DUE ON 11/12/22. So please make sure the Lit Review page(s) (as explained in attached document) is completed following the attached instructions. Also, the research paper must include a Narrative Methodology and Thesis/Abstract page. The final analysis with final lit review, methodology/thesis page and works cited page is due on 11/28. Feel free to send messages with questions