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No word limit, but need 3 to 5 paragraphs.
Assignment Instructions
Write a three to five paragraph (can be longer; there is no word limit) short review of the documentary film Race, Power, and American Sports: A Conversation with Dave Zirin. The review should focus on the ideas presented in the film as they relate or inform course readings and course material.
As the course goes forward, film reviews should include critique that builds upon ongoing course learning. Critique is not necessarily negative, but means thoughtful analysis, and synthesis of course reading, your knowledge, and current events into your review. This assignment is your own intelligent review that exhibits your learning in the course.
Review peoples performances or appearances; films production, organization, and/or length, sound track, cinematic quality, etc.
Research or rewrite other published reviews of the film; and/or do not use other reviews to help with your film review.
-What are the main points of the film? How do these relate to the assigned reading? Add additional information or your own knowledge on the important points.
-In the documentary, Dave Zirin argues that race and sport have always intersected in American sports. What kind of evidence does Zirin present to make his point?
-The counter-argument for Zirin is that sports should remain pure and outside of societal issues. Is this what the course teaches?
-Obviously, much has recently changed in sport in regard to recent anti-racist and Black Lives Matter movements. Update the film with a recent example of race, power, and American sports.
-You will be graded on the following criteria:
Clear, concise writing composition free of grammatical and spelling errors.
-Connects film review to course material; connections are identified and clearly explained.
-If relevant, links personal experiences or knowledge to the film review.
-If relevant, provides source/full citation of quotations or borrowed material. Citation can be included in your main text, or create a reference list.
-Demonstrates comprehension and depth of insight into issues discussed in the film.