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Railroads Assignment: Freight Rail Infographic

Module 3Railroads Assignment: Freight Rail Infographic Assignment Overview In the last module, you submitted your infographic on motor carriers. In this module, you will submit a separate infographic with the second of the modes – freight rail. Remember that this infographic is for the Director of the Department of Transportation so it should be professional looking and informative.

  Your task is to create an infographic that summarizes: The historical development of freight rail The characteristics of freight rail Refer to the  for more information and an example of a completed infographic for inspiration. Submission Your infographic will be graded using the infographic

rubric.  You will download your infographic as a .png file. To submit your infographic, upload the .png in the submission window. Access this  for help with submitting/sharing your infographic. In the next module, will create an infographic on air cargo.