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As outlined in this week’s readings, citizens have a love/hate relationship with members of Congress. In general, voters tend to like their representative because they bring resources back to the district. In contrast, voters tend to dislike Congress as a whole due to argumentativeness and legislative gridlock.

One proposed suggestion for reforming this branch of government is to impose term limits for Congress members. Currently House representatives are elected to two-year terms and Senators are elected to six-year terms; however these individuals can (and do) run for unlimited terms. In contrast, the president can only serve two, four-year terms.

What do you think of imposing term limits for members of Congress? Read through the arguments within the articles below (and/or gather your own information sources) and debate the pros and cons.

*Note: Reaction posts should be approximately 2-5 paragraphs in length. Responses to other students do not have a length requirement but serve as your participation grade (i.e., the more thorough the better).