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Redeem the Rotten
Movie chosen: Wonder Women 1984 rotten score of 58%
Throughout our class, we have covered various elements of cinema and approaches to film studies. Weve reviewed different aspects of the filmmaking process that impact the overall style and form of the production. Through these sections, we can learn to appreciate the choices made by filmmakers for the desired effect on their audience.
Choose a film that has a rotten score (under 60%) on the Tomatometer (not the audience score) on the Rotten Tomatoes website. Create a presentation that redeems the film and justifies why this film is still a quality piece. Use concepts and terms covered in class in your analysis and apply them to your film.

Consider the films form and purpose and what choices filmmakers made to achieve particular effects and reactions from audiences. You may consider comments from the critic reviews and debate their points with examples from the film.

Presentation Content: Since this is a presentation and not an essay, you will be able to be direct and condense your analysis. With that being said, it would not be enough to have an image on one slide and a bullet point with a film term next to it.

For example, if you want to present an analysis that explores the filmmakers use of sound effects or editing techniques, it would not be adequate to include an image and Sound effects or – 180-degree system next. Give details on how these terms contribute to the films form and purpose. Explain how these concepts contribute to the films form and purpose.
Each project must include at least three credible sources referenced in the project. These sources must be evaluated for credibility and appropriate for the college level scholarly sources are highly recommended: Wikipedia, SparkNotes, CliffNotes, Shmoop, and other study guide references are unsuitable for this project. Please use MLA format for citations, and include a Works Cited (at the end of the presentation).

The textbook may count as a source; the film does not count as a source. You are encouraged to consult with librarians and use the library database to find additional scholarly sources.