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This final written assignment is designed to allow you to complete your journey of self discovery and develop a personal action plan for development. Reflecting on the personal self assessment you completed in week 3 and applying cultural competence development strategies described in the text, develop a professional plan to develop as a culturally competent individual.
In a 2-3 page word document address the following areas:
Define diversity and cultural competence.
Reflect on your definitions from week 1 and discuss whether they have changed. Why or why not?
Reflecting on your personal and majority/minority group identities in conjunction with the knowledge you have gained throughout the course, describe personal areas of strength and areas for further development.
Outline specific actions that you can take to address the identified areas of weakness and move positively forward within your group identity.
Identify strategies to develop cultural competence as a health professional, within an organization, and in your community.
The documents included will help with writing the paper.