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Elaborate more 3-5 paragraphs. I started it off.

1. What was your experience like in practicum this summer? What did you
enjoy most? I enjoyed learning from my preceptor, and being able to practice documentation 

2. Discuss some patient populations you were challenged by in practicum. What
kind of challenges did you experience? How will you develop your skills
with these populations?

I was challenged by the elderly in practicum. Knowing which medications to prescribe and knowing which medications can cause side effects in the elderly population

3. Discuss your progression in practicum. What competencies did you develop?
What skills did you not have a chance to practice?

I have progressed in the program by writing up the notes, and coming close to the actual diagnosis. I haven’t had the chance to complete an interview by myself. 

4. What emotions are you experiencing as the summer semester wraps up? Was
there anything that surprised you this summer?

The emotions are still overwhelming as I feel as I will make a mistake with medication selection. I was surprised at the amount of patients diagnosed with bipolar