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Reflection Essay

You are required to submit a reflection essay at the end of the course by date listed in COL. What I am looking for is personal reflection about insights you’ve gained from the course.

· I am not looking for you to repeat back to me factual material we covered.

· I am not looking for you to tell me what you think I want to hear.

· I am not looking for compliments about how great the course was (unless you

genuinely feel that way.)

· I am not looking only for constructive criticism about the course in this reflection

(although I am happy to accept it);

· This document should be based on YOUR OWN reflection, not on reflection of

what I should have done differently.

· I am looking for you to take some time to reflect on what you will take away from this class in terms of the website assignment as it applies to enterprise technologies.

· I am looking for you to reflect on insights that came from your readings, the blogs, the class presentations or guest speakers. I am interested in how you anticipate utilizing these insights in future classes or your work.

There is no maximum or minimum word limit. Most good essays are 1,200 to 1,500 words—some longer; longer is better than shorter as long as you have something insightful to say—merely filling pages won’t do it. As always, I care about the quality of writing (spelling, grammar, usage.)

The reflection essay should be submitted on D2L. Please don't email them to me; emailed assignments tend to get lost.

NOTE: Your Final Exam will ONLY be released to you after you submit your reflection essay on D2L.

I recommend that you begin to keep a personal journal or log in early in the course. Put into it your reflection-related thoughts. If you do this, the essay will pretty much write itself—and it will be a much better document than if you sit down and try writing it from scratch with a deadline.

The topics we covered are:

Cabling, Wan Technologies, data center management, virtualized desktops, cloud services, SLA, RFP and IT governance, Knowledge Management, cloud computing, social enterprise