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Its a prompt response, therefore I dont know the topic yet. Ill have one hour to complete it. Are you available to do it?
Write a five-paragraph response (in essay format: introduction, body, conclusion) to the above article. Your response should accurately summarize the authors main argument (thesis) AND critically respond to it. You may choose to agree with the authors argument, to disagree with it, or to partially agree/disagree with it. Your essay should also consider at least one objection a reader might have to your argument. You may respond to this objection in different ways. For example, you may argue against the objection, or you may acknowledge that the objection is a good point and incorporate it into your argument. Its up to you.
Welcome, to your prompt responses.
This week, you will be writing your first graded prompt response.
Remember, Kevin Santiago, this, and all prompt responses, require you to abide by the Fanshawe College code of Academic Integrity.
You will have 90 minutes to complete the response. Remember to save your answers as you go.