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Report 6 – 25 pts (CR: Critical Review) – by 8am on Thursday, 10/21

Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Constructivism: Comparing Critical Features from an Instructional Design Perspective

After reading thoroughly the linked article, you need to (1) summarize the author’s explanations (objective description; about 600 words) and (2) construct your reflection on the reading (subjective analysesabout 600 words)

Grading criteria : command of topic (5pts); analytic development (5 pts); organization (5 pts); syntactic variety and language (5 pts); & control of mechanics (5 pts):

(25 pts; about 1200  words for this report)

Your report should have two sections; 1) a summary of main discussions of the material (this process is an objective description) and 2) your reflective opinion on the discussions (this process is a subjective analysis).   

IMPORTANT NOTE: (1) a simple summarization: in this process (Objective Description), you should not put your ideas or opinions in this part, but objectively describe and/or summarize your reading or watching; and (2) your own analysis: in this process (Subjective Analysis) you should not summarize the original, but you need to develop your critical ideas and elaborate your opinion on the issues.

Please keep in mind that:
1) Summary of main arguments = objective description
2) Your reflection on the arguments = subjective analysis, interpretation
Writing an "objective description" is to summarize the reading objectively and value-freely, while writing a "subjective analysis" is to create your own analysis with your own words.