Research and analyze a particular type of creative work made by women and how the creative work contributes to or reflects on the development of certain features of Western society (e.g., African American quilts, the 17th century Dutch flower genre painting, all-female punk bands and feminist movement).


Examine a major movement or idea in the Western or non-Western art world (e.g., The Renaissance ideal, Orientalism, moral reform and American art, feminist art) that contributes to the development of European, Western and world attitudes about religion, women, gender, sexuality, intellectualism, etc.


Examine an art system in a given time and culture, and analyze women’s position in the system or use such a system to analyze certain economic, political, religious, or cultural developments (e.g., LGBTQ art, race and gender in globalized art market, history of Hollywood chick flick films).


Examine a major historical change (e.g., reformation, industrial revolution, abolitionism, globalization) that affects the production of women’s art or women’s position in the art world, which inevitably also effects economic structure or other features of Western society.


Research a global controversy related to women and creativity (e.g., women in sweatshops).


Research a family or community artistic tradition (e.g., basket weaving, knitting) that has been mostly taken up by women, and analyze the artistic tradition in social, cultural, historical, economic, political, religious, etc. contexts and significance of the artistic tradition in relationship to a broader Western history.


Examine women’s rights movement, feminism, girl power, postmodernism, or other women-centered cultural movement, and analyze the role of the arts in the movement as well as examples of artistic expression used to promote the movement.