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The purpose of this project is to use or expand on knowledge from this class to demonstrate leadership skills around a specific topic of your choosing. Here are some ways you may do this:
If you have a related field experience, practicum, or internship, you can present the work you did related to a specific topic area and the leadership contribution you made.
If you are involved in a related research project, you can describe the work you did and how you incorporated your knowledge from the class and/or contributed to the creation of new knowledge
If you are not engaged 1 or 2 this semester you can develop your own project with consultation of professor and/or TA. This might involve developing a tool your profession can use, or a tool for other professionals and families, or working with a community organization on a project.
please see attached the requirements and examples of past colleagues ideas. I am a nursing student too so if you find anything related to nursing and autism, would be great. It is for leadership and autism. Make bullet points for each section to write about. Research, Clinical, or Leadership Project. I have never done any research project.