Research Notebook #9: Formal Outline
Paper details:
The purpose of this assignment is to help you monitor the framework of your research paper through the use of a formal outline, which helps you to make sure that your paper is organized logically. A formal outline includes the thesis statement, the main ideas, sub-ideas, and parts of the sub-ideas. A combination of Roman numerals, capital letters, numbers, and small letters is used for a formal outline. You can choose between a topic outline and a sentence outline. A topic outline uses key words and phrases and allows the writer to view the structure of the paper at a glance. A sentence outline uses complete sentencesusually the topic sentences for each of the sub-topics.
First, read the following:
The Bedford Guide for College Writers o Formal Outlines, 400
Then construct a formal outline of your research paper. Remember that it should be at least three levels. Choose either the topic outline or the sentence outline; do not combine the two. Once you have completed this assignment, upload it to the associated drop-box.