Research Paper Rubric

Points will be assigned based on the following criteria. Remember, your research paper is worth onehundred points.
1. Was the paper submitted on time?
2. Are there minimal grammatical errors?
3. Are there minimal instances of awkward or nonsensical phrasing?
More specifically, with regard to specific sections:
1. Abstract (10 points):
a. Is the abstract clear, concise, and no more than two-hundred words?
b. Are three research questions clearly stated?
2. Introduction (20 points):
a. Does this section introduce readers to the topic in a clear, concise, and engaging way? In
other words, does the section effectively hook readers?
b. Have you used statistics and figures to illustrate the scope of the issue?
c. Have you told a story in order to humanize the issue?
d. Are readers given a clear idea as to the importance of this issue and why they should care
about it?
e. Have you identified your research project as exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, or some
combination thereof?
f. Are the three research questions again stated with clarity?