First, read the essay questions for the assigned Research Essay (poster at the end). Choose one question to answer and, begin researching your topic and narrowing your focus. Once you have chosen a suitable topic related to one of the essay questions, submit a research essay proposal and an annotated bibliography of two sources relevant to your chosen essay topic. Here are the required elements:

  • Your research proposal should be one paragraph in length, and it should include 
    • a statement of your research question; 
    • some context for this research question (identifying why it is relevant or timely, for example);
    • an indication of what kind of evidence you will use to answer the question;
    • and a preliminary thesis statement.
  • In addition to the paragraph, provide an annotated bibliography of two sources that are related to your topic. At least one of these sources should be an academic source. Each annotation must include
    • a bibliographic works-cited list entry for the source in MLA style;
    • a one-sentence summary of the sources thesis;
    • a very brief evaluation of the sources reliability and appropriateness for your essay (the information in Module 7 Part 3: Doing Research will help you assess your sources).

 Each annotation, including the citation, should be no more than 250 words, and it may be significantly less than this.

1. Climate change is caused by the emission of greenhouse gases produced by burning fossil fuels, so reducing our dependence on fossil fuels is a crucial step toward addressing climate change. Read Its Not Climate ChangeIts Everything Change, in which Margaret Atwood asks readers to suppose the future without oil arrives very quickly. Choose a particular aspect of our oil dependence (transportation, food production, fabric, etc.) and research and reflect on how the the activity you have chosen could eliminate (or significantly reduce) its reliance on oil. Make sure you refer to (and cite) Atwoods article in your answer.

2. Read Carolyn DCruzs short discussion of intersectionality. With the concept of intersectionality in mind, choose a social justice issue (such as systemic racism, access to clean water, access to healthcare, etc.) that affects a specific community or population, either in Canada or elsewhere. Discuss a strategy for addressing this issue that considers at least two aspects of identity (such as gender, race, sexuality, or age). For example, you could research and reflect on how and why strategies for promoting health in Canada should consider race, class, and/or gender identity. Be sure to refer to (and cite) DCruzs article at least once in your essay.

3. The rise of social media and the arrival of the pandemic have increased our reliance on digital tools for work and education. Many writers, thinkers, and researchers have considered how these tools impact our productivity and success. Read Carl Newports discussion of the use of Slack in the workplace, and, using his assessment of this tool as a model, research and reflect on how one social media platform or digital tool impacts productivity and effectiveness at work or school. Be sure to refer to (and cite) Newports article in your answer. 

I attached an article review can you try to match this type of writing.