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1. Discuss Walters disagreement with his mother.
Some questions to get you thinking: what do they each want? Who do you think the money really belongs to? Why does Walter feel so much pressure? Why is Walter so hesitant to move? And why does Mama want to move so badly?
Research the rise of the suburbs in the middle of the 20th century in the U.S. Who lived there? Who could afford to buy there? Research segregation and the GI Bill.
Im leaving this very open-ended to see what you learn and how you want to put the information together. Find at least 6 sources discussing these topics in general, and summarize each article with a short paragraph OR bulleted notes.
Then, use that contextual information to formulate your essay outline. Your research will serve as evidence for the points you are making, along with quotes and details from the play. Ex: the research will help you prove why Walter was hesitant to move into the house Mama bought.