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Research will be on the Tibetan Culture

 Research will be on the Tibetan Culture Students are to select one specific national or international religion or cultural group to research, and prepare a report related to specific death beliefs and practices of that group. Only one student may select any given group. The student must choose a group with which they are unfamiliar in order to expand their knowledge of different religions or cultures (refer to Davanzo’s text for possible cultures to use for a report). References for this project may include professional books, journals, internet, organizations, etc. All references must be documented in the written report using a standardized format. At least five references must be utilized; two books, two professional websites, and one journal article. Your paper will automatically be submitted to Turnitin when you submit your paper to the Drop Box: Sociocultural Paper. After you submit it to Turnitin (a plagiarism checker), please note the percentage and alter your paper accordingly, before the final submission. If you are not familiar with Turnitin, you will need to refer to the homepage. Please label each area below clearly in the body of the paper.

1. General description of the chosen culture/religion including location, natural resources, occupations, religions, etc. (5 pts). 2. Specific beliefs about how this culture cares for their dying loved ones? Are there rituals performed prior to death? Is the person usually hospitalized or kept at home? What are their thoughts related to the afterlife/reincarnation? (5 pts.). 3. Family roles and dominance patterns related to care of the dying and death practices. Who is responsible for the care of the dying person and who is then responsible for setting up the funeral services, physically and financially? (5 pts). 4. Burial, funeral practices and rituals of the chosen culture in detail. (5 pts). 5. Appropriate and inappropriate grief responses associated with the chosen culture (5 pts). This paper needs to be written in APA or MLA format with correct grammar, and punctuation. Your papers will not be accepted unless correct formatting is used. Points will be deducted for poor grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. All papers need to be carefully proofread.