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I think in my first draft I did better at arguing some of my key points than others. For my first key point, I presented a good amount of information and brought up points that would allow the other party to reflect on their own experiences. I think helping someone to connect to their own memories allows them to see your side more clearly. I will probably go back and try to figure out how to connect my other key points the same way.

I plan to go back and revise a few of my key points to include the above tactic. I think they need this revision to help create a better understanding of where I am coming from and to successfully persuade an opposing party. I also plan to review my conclusion to see if I can not add more information to make it more thoroughly drive my point home.

For your response posts, address the following:

  1. Offer a tip or strategy to help your peers revise the sections they mentioned in their initial post. Use the Module Five and Six readings or your own experience to support your recommendations.

Remember, this assignment is graded on the quality of your initial post and at least two response posts to your classmates.

To complete this assignment, review the .