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The career I chose for this assignment is an attorney . An attorney has prosecutorial discretion. They can decide whether or not to charge someone with a crime and under which laws they would like to prosecute . Prosecutors have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed whenever they use their discretion to charge someone with a crime. They use evidence to determine the facts of the case. In which they can use their discretion to also drop charges if evidence is it conclusive with a crime that is committed. Because the statue a limitation is a prosecutions discretion is limited to when charges can be filed. The downside to this this discretion creates room for misconduct and bias. Which can lead to a prosecutor filing charges against someone for Race, sexuality , or social status 

In response to two of your peers, explain any additional benefits or drawbacks to having wide or limited discretion in their chosen career field. You may also want to describe any other instances in that career field in which the criminal justice professional is afforded wide or limited discretion, and how this may impact the decision-making process.