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Using at least two readings from the attached, write a 3-4 pages response paper in which you engage with a specific legacy institution: Moma, please use Moma as the example and evidence in the entire paper. Engage as much as possible.
I expect that you:
1. Have an introductory paragraph explaining which readings and concepts you will engage with in the paper
2. Use topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph
3. Select particular concepts you will 1) define and 2) use examples from the case you chose to illustrate your point
4. Describe the examples thoroughly
5. Be explicit about what you think is relevant both from theory and example. Explain your logic for selecting the example in connection to a concept
6. Dedicate one or two paragraphs per concept
7. Include pages numbers
8. Double space, 12 pt. font and 1 inch margins
9. Cite properly using the file that I attached, the Quick Tips for ASA Style