Responsible Consumption and Production (Primary))
Assume that your main target consumer is in their 20s or 30s (sub-target can be any age group), and please make a specific and clear suggestion (so that everyone can understand what you are saying just by reading your description). There will also be an activity wherein you will serve as an interviewee for other teams.
* If you read the questions carefully and submit the form within the deadline, you can get +4 participation points. (top 15%, extra point)
* Submission deadline: until 10/22(Sat) 9 pm
4 points for submission after the deadline
Category 1: [Small but Innovative Ideas to Change the World in the Post-Corona Era]
* In the post-corona era, creative campaigns that can change the world with small but innovative ideas
* Finding problems in each field of our society and suggesting ideas for our youth to be the subject and solve them creatively.
Category 2: [Ideas to overcome social conflicts through communication and participation]
* Ideas for overcoming various conflicts (generation, race, gender, region, religion, etc.) that exist in our society and to create a world where we live together with respect and understanding.
* In addition to the examples presented, you can consider various conflict issues that occur in our society, select one theme, and propose a public participation conflict resolution ideas and campaign.
* Evaluation Rubrics
[Strategy, Planning]
o Understanding and approaching topics and core targets
o Reflecting on research, positioning, targeting, marketing, and social trends.
o Logical approach and solution
[Media Solution]
o Whether creative media is used to maximize the delivery of strategies, ideas, and creatives
o Efficient mixing and scheduling of various media such as digital media
[Campaign idea]
o Are the topic and idea aligned?
o Is the idea feasible?
o Is the idea sustainable?
o Is the creative campaign idea well-reflected in the Creative?
o Presenting interesting and targeted creatives
o Presenting a creative and novel Creative
o Evaluation of the completeness of the creative
o Is the content conveyed accurately and logically?
o Did he/she interact with the audience in a confident manner?