Review notes made while reading the book. What new questions or “ah ha” moments popped up

after reading the book? What insight(s), technique(s), word pictures(s), and tool(s) are you seeing

for the first time?

More specifically, how do these fresh notions relate to the development of the “Me I Want to See

SOON”? Noticeably use the phrase “The Me I Want to See SOON” and develop a research-

based discussion early on rather than at the end of the section. The REFLECT! section should be

1 full page. Again, there is no need to reference any other source. If a verse is cited, then a brief

explanation should be included to inform the reader (i.e., brief explanation: verse location and

translation). However, this section should be meaningfully connected to Petersen content.

Discuss/analyze and use source citations!


So what are you going to DO about it anyway? Consider the following:

 In light of your aspiration to be and become more like Christ, what insights, techniques,

and/or supporting relationships are needed to secure and support “Becoming the Me I Want

to Be”?

 More specifically, which particular insights, techniques, and/or supporting relational

activities will you apply immediately to begin growing in favor with God and others? Dig

deep and dig up significant contributions to inform the action plan. Integrate these

contributions as you concisely point out small, measurable, and repeatable steps to achieve

your goa