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The Ute People
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Submission Instructions
Review the second Exploration on How to Write a Draft Essay and the sample Chicago Style Paper linked in the Recommended Resources. Also review the feedback you received on your Annotated Bibliography, Thesis statement, and outline.

Compose a rough draft of your final essay. A draft should have the following:

A. A title page with a thoughtful title for the work
B. An introduction, which includes a clear argumentative thesis statement. An introduction might have a short quote to capture the readers attention, but there should not be evidence presented in an introduction. **Remember that this must be argumentative. You cannot simply list facts about this topic, but instead must take a position on an issue and prove this position.**
C. Two or more paragraphs of the body. Each body paragraph should have a clear topic sentence and should contain analysis supported by evidence from sources. Evidence should be accompanied by either a footnote or endnote with a specific page number directing the reader where to find the evidence in the source.
D. A conclusion, which reiterates the thesis, and summarizes the paper.
E. If endnotes are used, a separate page labeled Notes
F. A preliminary bibliography, in Chicago style

The draft must have at least two pages of text (title page, endnotes page, and bibliography are extra), one-inch margins, 12-pt font. Submit the draft in the Assignment folder.