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This is two assigments in one order. 

The first assigment- 

The Constitutional Right to Bear Arms Has Outlived Its Usefulness Intelligence Squared Debates. Watch the link below. (Copy and Paste in your browser) 

http://intelligencesquaredus.org/debates/past-debates/item/907-the-constitutional- right-to-bear-arms-has-outlived-its-usefulness 

— Debate on the right to bear arms in  of school shootings and high rates of gun ownership and homicides in the United States. 

Please state your opinion and use the substantive information in the video from the link above to support your position.  Your post should be 200 words. 

Second assignment- 

Please view the following video  and provide your opinion on State v Ninham and the juveniles portrayed in this documentary serving life sentences for their crimes.


Provide your response and respond to at least one other response on this thread .