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Discuss Three Important Events during the period of the Roman Republic and Three Important Events during the period of the Roman Empire. The rule of Augustus represents the end of the Republic and the beginning of the Empire.  State a few sentences about each date/event. After you’ve completed that, explain how one accounts for the decline of the Empire in the 3rd Century and attempts to save it by the Emperors Diocletian and Constantine? Discuss the problems of the Late Empire and policies of these later emperors.

Note: You can leave out the material on Christianity in this Discussion, since it will be covered in the next unit.
During the Republic, a Roman politician’s career usually followed the path below, with service in both civil and military offices. By the Imperial period, with one man autocratic rule, this type of career path was neither possible nor necessary. 
I don’t like to make these types of comparisons, but for beginning students of ancient history and Roman history in particular, it may be helpful. I hope the chart leads you to understand Roman government better. Roman law, infrastructure, and military prowess undergirded Rome’s success as a civilization. But I’ve always believed that the key to Rome’s ascendancy and triumph was the generous offering of “Roman citizenship” to the inhabitants of the Empire. It gave everyone under Roman rule a potential stake in its success and prosperity.
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