Essay 1, Character Analysis of Winston Smith, 1984, Part 1, chapters1, 2, 3, 4.


Task: write two to three pages describing and explainingWinston Smiths character traits. Use the contents of your graphic organizer.In your conclusion, explain if Winston is a likeable character or not.


 Your Readers are:  Young people who have not read the novel. Donot tell the whole story. Only summarize to prove your topic sentence. Do notuse long (more than four sentences quotes). Paraphrase it and insert in-textcitations (Orwell 3).



MLA format, double-spaced, 2 3 pages with a separate Works Citedpage. 12 font, Times New Roman.  Usecorrect in-text citations (Orwell 2).

Due Date: 

Rough draft (at least 1 page is due for Peer Review /Discussion byThursday, 10/07 , 11:59 p.m.


Example of thesis statement:


 Example of a thesis statementto be included in the introductory paragraph as the last sentences of theparagraph.

 George Orwell , in the novel1984 , develops the character of Winston Smith through what he does,  what he thinks, and what he feels. Orwelluses (name one or more literary device to be discussed in each body paragraph)to depict Winstons personality traits. Winston is (see your graphic organizersfor at least three traits) XXX, XXX, and XXX.


Example of Introduction of Hook and thesis statement

Introduction :  Hook:  Human nature consists of the illusion ofbeing free to do what one wants.  Manyimportant works of literature depict characters that are not allowed to livefreely. In 1984, George Orwell introduces a character that resists being partof a totalitarian society.  He developsthe character of Winston Smith through what he does, what he thinks, and whathe feels. Orwell uses (name one or more literary device that youll discuss ineach body paragraph) to portray that Winston Smith, the protagonist, is  intelligent, XXX, and XXX.  Winston Smith is not a likeable characterbecause


 Example of Body paragraphs

1.     Topic sentence.  Winston shows his intelligence by beinghighly observant. When one observes, one can become analytical. The narratorsays, XXXXXX (Orwell 2). Explain the quote. Add your thoughts. Introduce theliterary device and explain what it means. For example, Orwell uses tactile andvisual imagery. Tactile imagery means that readers can (look up what tactileimagery is). Visual imagery means the readers can (look up what visual imageryis). You can find the definition in Literary Terms.

Continue to follow the above format for each paragraph thatdescribes Winston Smiths personality traits.

Conclusion: Why do you think Winston Smiths personalitytraits are important? Will these traits help him succeed in breaking free fromthe totalitarian society? What do you think one needs to go against agovernment that controls the population? Return to Wiston Smith and answer:  Is Winston Smith likeable? Why and why not.


Works Cited

Cite in alphabetic order Orwell, George. Title of book. Date ofpublication. Web link. Date Accessed (the link) 30 Sept. 2021.

Look up how to cite articles in website in MLA and cite accordinglyfor each website you read to write this essay. I prefer you dont report backwhat the websites say. Just stick to your unique interpretation for possiblehigher grade.